All About Namakkal nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

Namakkal Namakkal district comes under the north western agro climatic zone of tamil is an administrative district in the state of tamil nadu.the rock fort in namakkal  is a special feature of the town. The fort covers an area of one and half acres of flat surface and is accessible from south west by […]

All About Madurai nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

Madurai, the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, it  is called with various nick names like Athens of the East, Thoonga Nagaram (City that never Sleeps), Naan maada koodal (City of Four junctions), Malligai Managar (City of Jasmine), Koodal Managar (City of Junction) Koil Nagar (Temple city) etc. The main kingdoms which ruled Madurai during […]

All about Krishnagiri nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

‘Krishna’ refers to ‘black’ and ‘giri’ refers to ‘hill’. Thus, ‘krishnagiri’ refers to ‘black hill’. This district is gifted with black granite hillocks and named as ‘krishnagiri’. Also, the region came under the rule of krishna deva raya and hence it might also have been named after him. This district was separated from dharmapuri district […]

All about Karur nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

Karur district is a district located along the kaveri and amaravathi rivers, it is one of the oldest towns in tamil nadu and has played a very significant role in the history and culture of the tamils. Its history dates back over 3000 years, and has been a flourishing trading center even in the early […]

All about Kanniyakumari nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

It is an important pilgrim center and tourist destination, famous for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The closest major cities are nagercoil, the administrative headquarters of kanyakumari district, (22 km) and thiruvananthapuram, the capital of kerala Arabian sea, kanyakumari and indian ocean meets near the place, where kanyakumari have located. So, this place is well […]

All about Kanchipuram nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

Kanchipuram, formerly known as conjeevaram, was the capital of cholas and pallavas.kanchipuram, known as city of thousand temples, is one of the ancient and most sacred pilgrim cities in india. It is also known as ‘silk city’, since one of the main professions of the people living in and around is weaving silk sarees, sri […]

All about Erode nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

Erode district lies on the extreme north of tamil nadu, it  is blessed with a huge area under forests covers. Approximately 228,750 hectares of land is under dense forest. And it  is one of the few fortunate districts in the state which can boost of extensive forest area. District (previously known as periyar district) is […]

All about Dindigul nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

The name dindigul comes from the portmanteau of “thindu” meaning pillow and “kal” meaning rock and refers to the bare hill dominating the city’s both land and skyscape, the popular hill station “kodaikanal” located in this district. Every year, lot of people has been visiting this spot in vacations. Climate: 34.3 maximum & 22.5 minimum […]

All about Dharmapuri nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

Which came into existence from 02.10.1965 is situated in the north western corner of tamil nadu, horticulture is the major technology following in this district. All types of fruits and vegetables are cultivated in this district. Mango is the major crop of this district. These mango varieties are called as killimukku. Katla, rogu and mirgal […]

All about Cuddalore nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

It is an important tourist place in tamil nadu with historical monuments, edifices and ancient temples. Earlier the name cuddalore spelt as koodalur (means: confluence in tamil). It is the place of confluence of three rivers namely pennaiyar river, kedilam and paravanar. The city of cuddalore is the district headquarters. For the first time, urn […]

All About Coimbatore nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

The manchester of south india Coimbatore is one of the advanced districts of the state of tamil nadu in is second largest city in tamil nadu. Climate: 35*c maximum and 18*c minimum Std code: 0422 Travel in Airport:  Peelamedu airport (11 km from coimbatore) Railway station:   coimbatore junction (state bank road) ukkadam  Bus stand: Gandhipuram […]

All about Chennai nearby Cities, Stations and Tourist Places

The capital city Chennai is the capital city of tamilnadu. This district is serves as gateway of culture of south india. Also, this district is well known as capital of tamil speaking state. Chennai has the nick name called “detroit of india”. Chennai name is a shortened form of chennaipattinam, the name of the town […]